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How Hearing Aids Improve Relationships

How Hearing Aids Improve Relationships

We’ve all heard “Communication is Key” touted hundreds of times in our lives. It’s a tagline favorite, an interviewee’s go-to answer, and the topic of one too many professional development seminars. We’ve heard it so many times, we may have become numb to it’s meaning. If you really think about communication as “key” or paramount, how might hearing loss be affecting your relationships with loved ones or in your workplace?

How might these relationships be enhanced if hearing issues were resolved with hearing aids? Studies have shown that the use of hearing aids greatly affects relationships for the better, and we’ve outlined some of the most important ways and reasons these devices are good for your relationships.


Science Backs It

In 2006, the international non-profit organization, Hear-It, conducted a comprehensive review of nearly every published article regarding the social and economic impact of hearing loss and hearing aids in Europe, Australia and the United States. The shocking results indicated that across almost every study in every nation, there were statistically significant results indicating the positive benefits of hearing aids. The review found that people who used hearing aids were considered more cognitively competent than non-users, hearing aid users rated higher on self-esteem measures, hearing aid users are more likely to engage in activities involving other people than non-users, and the most beneficial factor of hearing aids were found in users’ social lives and family relationships.


Improvements at Work

It has been proven that hearing aids increase confidence in the wearer. Hearing aid users are also seen as more cognitively competent than non-wearers. When you have the confidence that you have heard the nuances of conversation around the conference table, have understood the proceedings and know that those around you view you as capable and confident, it’s no surprise hearing aid wearers are more active participants in work related activities. Hearing aid wearers are also more likely to participate in social activities with coworkers, therefore increasing trust and communication at work as well as expanding the social network.


Improvements at Home

More important than our relationships at work, are our relationships at home. Many experts agree that healthy communication is the biggest factor when rating marital happiness. Hearing loss does negatively impact communication with your loved ones. A 2007 US study of baby boomers showed that nearly half (48%) of respondents said their marriage has suffered due to their partner’s hearing loss, and 65% stated that they often felt annoyed because of the hearing loss. There is hope, and hearing aids are often the answer. A Hear-The-World Foundation survey of over 4,000 people showed that approximately 70% of respondents reported that hearing aids have improved their relationships, 81% are glad their partner has gotten help with their hearing and 40% report receiving more attention from their partner. The couples also reported that the hearing aids have allowed them to connect on a deeper and more interpersonal level, and have eliminated feelings of anger, anxiety, depression and loneliness. The couples that used hearing aids reported much greater overall happiness with their relationships than those without hearing devices.

Take the First Step

There is plenty of science backing up the positive benefits of this first step. To read more on the aforementioned studies, click here or here.

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