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Benefits of Using Hearing Aids

Benefits of Using Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of technology that connect you to the world. They’re a great investment, bringing a host of benefits to many different areas of your life. From cognitive function to earning power, learn about how the use of hearing aids benefits people who experience hearing loss.


Hearing Aids Support Cognitive Function

A study from Johns Hopkins University has found that older Americans “with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing.” Researchers found that the use of hearing aids to treat hearing loss may potentially reduce the risk of dementia.

Hearing happens in the brain – as sound waves enter your ears, they are translated into neural signals by your inner ear hair cells, which are sent to the brain to be registered as sound.

With untreated hearing loss, these signals become muddled and create a heavier cognitive load as the brain struggles to make sense of sound. From Johns Hopkins University, “The researchers found that study participants with hearing loss at the beginning of the study were significantly more likely to develop dementia by the end…their finding may offer a starting point for interventions – even as simple as hearing aids – that could delay or prevent dementia by improving patients’ hearing.”


Economic Benefits of Using Hearing Aids

Untreated hearing loss affects many different areas of your life – including your earning power. Hearing loss may increase anxiety and stress levels, and interferes with speech recognition. The struggle to hear may contribute to concentration issues and thus cause a drop in productivity.

Approximately 60% of the American workforce experiences some degree of hearing loss. A study from the Better Hearing Institute found that untreated hearing loss could lead to $12,000 of annual job earning loss in a household.

Additionally, the study shows that people with untreated hearing loss are more likely to be unemployed or underemployed. Regardless of the degree of hearing loss, the use of a hearing aid could increase earning power by 50%.


Hearing Aids Contributes to Your Safety

Our sense of hearing helps to localize us in our environments. We know to jump out of the way when we hear a car blare its horn, and the shrill fire alarm notifies us to quickly leave a potentially dangerous environment.

Additionally, our auditory system shares similar processes with our balance system. Untreated hearing loss has been linked to an increased risk of accidents and falls. According to Dr. Frank Lin of Johns Hopkins, hearing loss leads to a “cognitive load in which the brain is overwhelmed with demands on its limited resources.”

The use of hearing aids keeps us aware of our surroundings, improves our localization within our environment, and supports our brain functions by providing clear signals.


Hearing Aids Keep You Connected to Your Loved Ones

Untreated hearing loss has been linked to anxiety, depression, stress, and social isolation. Changes in hearing may happen gradually and subtly, which contributes to frustrations in communication with our friends and loved ones. The use of hearing aids improves speech recognition and instills confidence in social settings. Next time, we will explore how hearing aids support interpersonal relationships.

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