Custom Ear Protection in St. Louis and Kirkwood

Custom Ear Protection in St. Louis and KirkwoodThe best way to treat hearing loss is to prevent it in the first place. Exposure to loud sounds over an extended period of time is known to cause hearing loss – which, unfortunately, is permanent. Whether you work with machinery, play music, or use firearms regularly, hearing protection is essential. Hearing specialists report that volumes over 85 decibels (dB) have the potential to cause damage to hearing, depending on exposure.

While you may find several “off the rack” devices in your local sporting goods or pharmacy store that are available for use, they will not be custom made for your particular ears. This usually results in poor fit, possibly ear pain and ultimately the user will discontinue using them over time. It is much better (and clinically advisable) to have ear protection custom made for you.

The fitting of custom products requires precision, along with the knowledge of choices in order to select the most appropriate device for your specific needs. Audiologists are uniquely trained to provide you with the best solution for your situation.

Our audiologists make custom ear molds of all types to ensure you get both comfort and optimal protection. When it comes to protecting your hearing, trust an audiologist.

We offer a variety of custom fit solutions, including:

Sporting & Recreational Ear Protection:Sporting & Recreational Ear Protection:

If you participate in water sports, the rush of wind or the excessive splash of water may irritate or cause infection in your ear canal, which could lead to hearing loss. For people who use firearms at the shooting range or for hunting, the loud bursts of shots may cause trauma to our ears. Depending on the weapon, a gunshot clocks in at 140 to 190 dB, which may cause immediate damage to your hearing. Folks who enjoy landscaping and do-it-yourself construction projects will also want to consider custom ear protection, as power tools range between 110 to 130 dB. For sports fans, custom ear protection while cheering on the home team at the stadium is also a good idea, as these spaces usually clock in at 120-140 dB.

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