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The Widex EVOKE™ hearing aid is the latest in technology from Widex and was launched in May of 2018. The Evoke hearing aids use machine learning to adapt to the wearer's preferences across different listening environment. In addition, these devices share average user responses in these environments to help Widex improve and refine the listening algorithms. Read more below about this exciting new technology from Widex or schedule a free consultation with Dr. Russ Pickett or Dr. Sherry Pickett to try it at our office.

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Widex Evoke Machine-Learning

EVOKE hearing aids are the world’s first machine-learning hearing devices and were recently launched by Widex, a leader in hearing technology. Machine learning is technology that uses prior events to predict future behavior and adjusts settings based on that data. The more you wear these hearing aids, the more accurate their predictions become.

Here is what machine learning means for hearing aids: Your audiologist at Greentree Hearing and Audiology will to program the instruments for your hearing loss, but the need to get all of the settings just right for each and every listening environment will no longer be necessary. Unlike any other hearing aids you can buy, Widex EVOKE devices will keep learning and adapting to your preferences – and from others who wear the Evoke hearing aids.

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Widex Evoke Features

The Widex EVOKE hearing aid is groundbreaking, offering several features to help you get the most out of your hearing aids while decreasing the amount of work you have to do. With EVOKE’s SoundSense technology, both SoundSense Learn and SoundSense Adapt, you will spend less time fiddling with settings.

EVOKE adjusts and learns your listening preferences automatically to create the perfect listening experiences for you. You are also able to teach EVOKE what your hearing preferences are as well, providing more information that it will apply to future listening environments that are similar. The Fluid Sound Analyzer recognizes 11 sound classes, including two new classes, to help identify your listening needs. Whether you are at a party or in a quiet conversation with a friend the EVOKE identifies the sound class in order to implement the perfect listening settings. The new Social class helps improve listening in high noise areas with many conversations occurring.

EVOKE is able to identify, focus, and enhance the main speaker's voice. To take this one step further, EVOKE allows each individual to change the direction of the microphones focus, allowing more control and listening quality. For those who love music, EVOKE is able to tell the difference between contemporary and classical music to offer the best listening setting to enjoy your favorite songs. With Fluid Sound Analyzer, EVOKE is able to adjust to your listening needs in your ever-changing sound environment.

Using the EVOKE hearing aids provides crisp and bright sounds to give you the best, and most balanced, listening experience. You will be able to focus on one voice in a crowd of voices, hear your favorite music with ease, and have a more natural hearing experience. Most importantly, it provides the opportunity to be less worried about changing settings and more engaged in the settings around you.

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