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The Widex Evoke is a new breakthrough hearing aid that utilizes machine learning.

Introducing the Widex Evoke hearing system, with machine learning

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The Widex EVOKE™ hearing aid is the latest in technology from Widex and was launched in May of 2018. The Evoke hearing aids use machine learning to adapt to the wearer's preferences across different listening environment. In addition, these devices share average user responses in these environments to help Widex improve and refine the listening algorithms. Read more below about this exciting new technology from Widex or schedule a free consultation with Dr. Russ Pickett or Dr. Sherry Pickett to try it at our office.

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“We are both so pleased with our new hearing aids. Dr. Pickett was able to help us both. We both suffer from severe hearing loss and he put us in two different kinds,. And now we are happy that we can hear each other again. Thanks Dr. Pickett for a job well done. We highly recommend him.”
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EVOKE hearing aids are the world’s first machine-learning hearing devices and were recently launched by Widex, a leader in hearing technology. Machine learning is technology that uses prior events to predict future behavior and adjusts settings based on that data. The more you wear these hearing aids, the more accurate their predictions become. Here is what machine learning means for hearing aids: Your audiologist at Greentree Hearing and Audiology will to program the instruments for your hearing loss, but the need to get all of the settings just right for each and every listening environment will no longer be necessary. Unlike any other hearing aids you can buy, Widex EVOKE devices will keep learning and adapting to your preferences – and from others who wear the Evoke hearing aids.

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