Widex Beyond Hearing Aids

The Widex Beyond is a made for iPhone hearing aid designed with you in mind.

Introducing Made for iPhone
(and Android) Hearing Aids by Widex

Widex Beyond App for iphone
The Widex BEYOND™ hearing aid is the latest technology from Widex, offering a truly seamless listening experience for people with iPhone's and Android devices. Simply download the BEYOND App, and conveniently control your aids settings from the palm of your hand. Our team of audiologists will show you how to easily work your new Beyond hearing aids with the phone app. Read more below about this exciting new technology from Widex or schedule a free consultation with Dr. Russ Pickett or Dr. Sherry Pickett to try it at our office.

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Widex BEYOND™ Features
The Widex BEYOND™ hearing aid is a Made-for-iPhone hearing device that streams audio directly from your iPhone or Android phone to your aids, making listening to calls, movies, or music even easier. Our patients love the Widex beyond because they can adjust volume settings and listening preferences to create sound templates for specific listening situations - like riding in the car, eating at a restaurant, or participating in work meetings. Being able to adjust settings in different listening situations means you stay tuned in to the people around you without missing important information. Widex BEYOND gives you advanced sound quality increasing word recognition and giving you crisp, clear sounds no matter what environment you may be in. In the most difficult sound environments, the Widex BEYOND performs 20% better than those of other top manufacturers. Widex BEYOND has the SMARTWIND Manager to help decrease wind interference giving you the ability to understand speech 30% better than similar hearing aids. The SMARTWIND Manager has the best algorithm to reduce wind noise in the industry giving you increased hearing quality. The standard Widex Beyond Hearing aid model has low battery consumption compared to other made for iPhone hearing aid models. Whether you are streaming movies and music or spending time with family and friends, the Widex BEYOND will last hours, giving you the time to do what you enjoy most. Widex also offers a rechargeable model of the Beyond aid, which allow wearers to simply charge their aids each night while they sleep. This offers convenience and savings.

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Widex is a family owned company based in Denmark. It was founded in 1956 and grew to one of the top manufacturers of hearing aids of today. Widex is a top innovator in the field of hearing aids. From the first hearing aid in 1956, to the Senso (the first fully digital in-ear hearing aid, to the BABY440 (the first hearing aid to be specifically designed for babies), Widex has been a pioneer in the field of design, software, and quality. Widex continues to push the boundaries of innovation and technology to ensure they provide the best hearing aids possible. From the moment the company was founded in the basement of Christian Topholm and Erik Westermann, the passion and drive to make sure every person has access to the vast sound environment around them has been the top priority at Widex. Widex prides itself on great quality and amazing customer service.