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Built upon the successes of the original Halo Made for iPhone hearing aid, Starkey’s Livio is the latest generation of wireless technology and accessibility. Through connection with the TruLink app, Livio wearers are able to stream phone calls, FaceTime, music, and other media directly from their iPhones and other Apple devices (iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch) directly to their hearing aids. With incredible sound clarity and speech intelligibility, it’s no wonder that Halo iQ has received accolades for its innovative technology. In 2017, Starkey’s Livio won the 2017 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award for “Wearable Tech” and was named a finalist for the Edison Award.

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Starkey Livio Features

As a Made for iPhone hearing aid, Halo iQ is bursting with features designed by Starkey to include feedback from hearing professionals and seasoned hearing aid wearers. The result: a robust hearing instrument for all environments. To help wearers hear comfortably in challenging environments, Halo iQ offers Acuity Directionality. This feature is designed to improve speech audibility in difficult listening situations. Speech Shift, which helps wearers move easily between speech sounds and conversations in changing environments.

To prevent buzzing and whistling, Starkey has included feedback cancellation for comfortable listening. With the TruLink app, Halo wearers are able to make simple adjustments to their hearing preferences, as well as utilize GPS to geo-tag locations for a seamless listening experience. When wearers return to certain locations that have been saved, their archived preferences will automatically switch to accommodate the listening environment.

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The SoundSpace and Noise Manager tools, accessible through the TruLink Control app, allow wearers to make minor adjustments to sound quality, providing improved personalization. This also provides an added level of discretion, as wearers can make these adjustments directly on their iPhones, rather than on the hearing aid itself.

Additionally, the Halo iQ and 2 hearing aids improve sound quality and faster sound processing, with a more discreet design. With directional microphones, Halo provides excellent listening in noisy situations as well as improved speech intelligibility. With a HydraShield coating, Halo accommodates many different walks of life, with water and dust resistance. .

Easier Listening in Noise

Halo’s directional microphones assist wearers in many different environments by eliminating distracting background noise. This provides the wearer with a clearer sound signal, with less listening effort. Halo offers flexibility with different frequencies, balancing high and low frequencies for improved speech intelligibility.

With many hearing aids, wearers may experience feedback due to amplification of sound. Halo eliminates the buzzing and whistling for a more comfortable listening experience. By streaming phone calls directly to the wearer’s ears, Halo eliminates the common discomfort of holding a phone up to the hearing aid.

This provides a more natural listening experience. Through connection with TruLink and the iPhone, Halo wearers may also experience an extra boost in amplification if necessary. The iPhone’s microphone becomes an assistive listening device, amplifying focused sounds wearers want to hear and delivering it directly to the hearing aids.

Styles and Other Features

The Starkey Livio is available in receiver-in-canal and behind-the-ear styles, and treats mild to severe hearing loss. It is also now compatible with select Android phones. Halo also treats tinnitus, a ringing in the ears, with Starkey’s renowned Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology. This provides sound therapy to ease the discomfort of tinnitus symptoms, and is accessible through the TruLink app.

About Starkey

Founded in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American-owned and operated manufacturer of hearing devices. Currently based in Minnesota, Starkey strives to create a flexible and seamless listening experience. Utilizing data and research collected from the Starkey Research Institute (based in Berkeley, California), Starkey hearing devices boast accessibility, connectivity, and a discreet, sleek design based on the feedback of hearing specialists and hearing aid wearers alike. With the Starkey Hearing Foundation, the company has provided over one million hearing aids worldwide to hard of hearing people in developing countries.

In 2015, Starkey received a Silver Edison Award for their innovation, the Halo Made for iPhone hearing aid. Starkey has previously received awards for SoundLens, AMP, and Xino Tinnitus Products. Additionally, Starkey is proud to offer resources and benefits to US veterans through the VA. The Halo 2 is fully customizable to meet veterans’ needs.

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