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Founded in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American-owned and operated manufacturer of hearing devices. Currently based in Minnesota, Starkey strives to create a flexible and seamless listening experience. Utilizing data and research collected from the Starkey Research Institute (based in Berkeley, California), Starkey hearing devices boast accessibility, connectivity, and a discreet, sleek design based on the feedback of hearing specialists and hearing aid wearers alike. With the Starkey Hearing Foundation, the company has provided over one million hearing aids worldwide to hard of hearing people in developing countries.

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Starkey's Commitment to Veterans

As the only American-owned and operated hearing aid producer, Starkey is proud to offer resources and benefits to US veterans through the VA. Approximately 60% of service men and women returning from Afghanistan and Iraq have reported cases of tinnitus and hearing loss. Available to veterans are a wide range of Starkey hearing aid styles, to be customized by veterans and their audiologists: the Halo, the Z series, invisible hearing aids, and the aforementioned hearing aid styles, as well as the Starkey Multiflex Tinnitus treatment.

Starkey Halo 2

starkey halo 2 hearing aids

As the recipient of the Edison Silver Award in 2015, the Halo Made for iPhone hearing aid is a beacon of Starkey’s continual push to meet the current trends in technological advances.

The Halo is the first hearing aid to connect wearers immediately to their smart phones, for an unfettered sound experience. With the Halo, wearers have the capability of directly streaming music, media, and phone calls, as well as FaceTime. The level of clarity, connectivity, and accessibility presented to wearers is ground-breaking and establishes Starkey as a leader in hearing aid innovation.

Halo utilizes the iPhone TruLink App to connect Halo wearers to their devices. With a fast, state of the art digital processing system the Halo uses geo-tagging to the advantage of the wearer, storing data on wearer adjustment in various sound environments, to wirelessly adapt and transform sounds into ones the wearer wants to hear as they move through the world.

Starkey’s Halo hearing aid is available in receiver-in-canal and behind-the-ear styles. Stream phone calls, music and more, directly from your iPhone to your hearing aids Deliver pristine sound and exceptional listening clarity Eliminate buzzing and whistling Help you hear comfortably in noise

Starkey Muse


Muse is a top of the line piece of hearing technology that could revolutionize your life. Along with Starkey’s new Halo 2, their latest hearing aid made for iPhone, Muse is the first hearing aid to use Starkey’s new Synergy platform and Acuity OS operating system. Starkey is an international leader in hearing aid technology, and Muse highlights their latest advancements in high definition sound and clarity.

Starkey Z Series

starkey z series

Equipped with an abundance of features, Z Series hearing aids offer wearers a heightened sense of sound in challenging listening environments, automatic adjustments when moving between environments, enhanced speech recognition and the new processing system, 900sync. The Binaural Spatial Mapping and Voice IQ2 features simulate binaural hearing for a natural listening experience.

The SurfLink Mobile 2 app connects wearers to their smartphones, streaming music, media and phone calls directly to their ears and transforming them into assistive listening device by using the microphone to amplify if necessary. Wearers also use the SurfLink app to switch between program settings and make volume adjustments.

The Z Series provides a cushion for stressful noisy environments, as well as a general protection against the elements, speech recognition in a range of different listening environments, and spatial awareness features which assist wearers to situate themselves within the immediate environments.

Starkey Z Series hearing aids are available in behind-the-ear, receiver-in-canal, completely-in-canal, in-the-canal, and in-the-ear styles.

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