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In September 2014, ReSound made a huge splash at the IFA tech show in Berlin. For the past decade or so, we’ve witnessed an incredible boom of personal electronic devices with sophisticated capabilities. We’ve arrived in the future. So it was a surprise to tech experts when the biggest news at the event surrounded a hearing aid. However, in line with current digital trends, this was no ordinary hearing aid – ReSound launched the world’s first Made for iPhone hearing aid, the LiNX.

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About the LiNX

The LiNX was inspired by natural binaural hearing; for people with normal hearing, their two ears work in conjunction with each other to pick up sound waves and assist the brain in situating themselves spatially. The LiNX offers a feature called Spatial Sense, which essentially replicates this process. With high-powered microphones which receive the full spectrum of sounds from our natural surroundings, wearers of the LiNX found they could hear their dining companions sitting close to them while also retaining a sense of the background noise around them.

Made for iPhone Hearing Aid Technology

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ReSound LiNX is designed to connect directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch allowing you to stream music, phone calls and other media without the need for an additional relay device. With features that include FaceTime® streaming and integration with the ReSound Smart™app, you’ll be experiencing a level of connectivity that’s never been seen before.

ReSound LiNX represents the next step forward in hearing aid technology. Designed to connect directly with your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®, ReSound LiNX provides 360-degree hearing in a package that’s smarter, smaller, and more connected. In addition to connecting to your phone calls, music and media, flexible settings and the fully-customizable companion app.

The ReSound Smart™ app makes ReSound LiNX the perfect option for nearly all levels of hearing loss and all lifestyles. ReSound LiNX also features Surround Sound by ReSound™ providing the hearing experience that is right for you. ReSound LiNX is a revolutionary hearing aid and so much more—built to help you hear life to the fullest.

ReSound LiNX Features

As the first Made for iPhone hearing aid, the LiNX opened up a new world of accessibility for hearing aid wearers. The LiNX app for the iPhone allows wearers to control volume and program features for the hearing aid directly on the phone, rather than fumbling with the small mechanisms of the hearing device itself. This accessibility lends an added layer for discreetness that may be preferred by some hearing aid wearers.

Appearances aside, the wireless connection to the iPhone drastically improves the sonic experience of the wearer. With GPS geotagging, the program selections of the wearer are logged and automatically readjust to the preferences within a space when the wearer returns to the same location later on. This feature adds a level of seamlessness to the wearer’s experience as they move through space.

In terms of the wearer’s environments, the LiNX hearing aid and accompanying app allow the wearer to adjust volumes as desired, while also turning the iPhone into a microphone that, when placed near specific people, allow the amplification of the speaker’s voice to be fed directly to the hearing aid. ReSound LiNX comes outfitted with Surround Sound from ReSound™, the proprietary hearing technology that lets you experience hearing in 360-degrees.

Third-party studies have shown ReSound hearing aids with Surround Sound technology are preferred in terms of sound quality, so you can count on a full sound solution that will bring you closer to natural hearing.

Additional Features

In ReSound’s latest model, the LiNX2 has been upgraded with Binaural Directionality II and Spatial Sense, which focuses on assisting the brain as it receives and processes sound. The LiNX2 has also been designed to be sleeker, more discreet, and with a better fit than its predecessor, while maintaining the iSolate coating that prevents water, sweat, earwax, dust, and other debris from entering the device. This design also gives an added protection from wind noise.

In addition to connecting to the iPhone, which allows wearers to directly stream phone calls and FaceTime to their hearing aids, the LiNX2 connects to other personal electronic devices and home entertainment systems. The LiNX2 treats a wide degree of hearing loss, with both behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal options. The device is also customizable by wearer preference, with a range of color options.

Additionally, LiNX2 offers tinnitus therapy. All around, ReSound’s LiNX was the first hearing aid to shatter the myth of the clunky, flesh-toned device of yore. The LiNX essentially paved the way for streamlined, discreet, and sophisticated hearing aid technology, to keep wearers connected to the rapidly changing world around them.

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