Phonak Hearing Aids

Audeo B – Making life seamless.

Phonak Belong Platform

Phonak’s Belong Platform addresses a major call from hearing aid wearers: a sustainable, rechargeable hearing solution. Belong also includes other elements such as a sleeker design, heightened comfort, wireless communication, and ease of use.

Belong provides hearing aid wearers with excellent listening features, building upon Phonak’s previous technological platforms. Belong includes features such as AutoSense OS and SoundRecover 2, both of which provide Audeo hearing aid wearers with 20% better speech understanding, 60% improvement of speech understanding in very noisy environments, and 37% reduction in effort when listening to conversations in cars. With the new Audeo B-R, a new design in microphone placement captures a clearer picture of sound.

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Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Solution

Lithium-ion batteries are found in advanced, long-lasting electronics such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Phonak has built lithium-ion batteries into the Audeo B-R, making it the first rechargeable hearing aid from Phonak.

With this built-in lithium-ion battery, Phonak Audeo B-R wearers may conveniently charge their devices for a long battery life. For those on the run, a quick 30-minute charge provides wearers with 6 hours of immediate use. A full battery charge provides 24 hours of uninterrupted listening.

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Phonak B-R hearing aids are charged with the new Phonak Charger Case.

The Phonak Charger Case, the largest of charging options, is a charger, drying kit, and protective hard case in one, and comes with a cleaning tool. For a reliable charge on the go, the Phonak Power Pack may be charged beforehand and is smaller in size for convenience on short trips. The smallest charger is the Mini-Charger, ideal for travel.

As the lithium-ion battery lasts through the lifetime of the hearing aid, Audeo B-R wearers need not worry about buying or replacing their batteries as with traditional hearing aids. Lithium-ion batteries tend to last at least five years – the average life of a hearing aid. If a battery requires replacement, come visit us at Green Tree Audiology.

Phonak’s Audeo B-R is currently the rechargeable hearing aid with the fastest charging time for the longest lasting battery life, with 40% more power than any other rechargeable battery option.

Phonak Audeo B-R Features

Built on the Belong Platform, Audeo B-R provides wearers with all of the best hearing feature, as well as new ones to improve the listening experience. With 60% improved speech understanding in noise and 10% improvement in soft-speech understanding, Audeo B-R is designed to keep wearers in the loop of the conversation. Belong provides hearing aid wearers with speech intelligibility and a natural sound experience.

AutoSense Operating System

Phonak’s AutoSense Operating System provides better speech understanding and less effort in hearing. AutoSense is an automatic feature, which picks up, balances, and mixes sounds from the wearer’s environment at an incredibly fast speed, providing a seamless listening experience. AutoSense analyzes sound every 0.4 seconds, and blends with over 200 settings.

Audeo B-R aids are wireless, which means they connect to your smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Audeo B-R wearers may stream music, media, and phone calls directly from their device to their hearing aids.

Variety of Colors

In terms of aesthetics, Audeo B-R boasts a slim, discreet design, with nine different colors. The B-R has an IP rating of 68, which means it offers powerful protection against dust, debris and the elements, which may harm the aid. Audeo B-R is also designed with a new push button, which gives wearers ease and simplicity of operation. An indicator light ensures the aid is working and that the battery is charged.

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Audeo B

Audeo B is a model that does not use the lithium-ion rechargeable battery, but provides the same great features of the Belong Platform using traditional batteries. Available in four performance levels, Audeo B-R treats mild to severe hearing loss.

Phonak: Company Overview

Since 1947, the Swiss manufacturer Phonak has been committed to changing lives and reconnecting people to their passions and loved ones with state-of-the-art hearing technology. Phonak’s latest innovation is the Belong Platform, which answers the consumer call for a sustainable, rechargeable hearing aid.

Phonak’s trademark AutoSense Operating System captures and analyzes the sound environment and blends this data with multiple Phonak programs to provide wearers a seamless listening experience with the better sound quality. Phonak offers the world’s first 100% invisible, 24/7 hearing aid, as well as a line of pediatric hearing aids, among other devices