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Wireless Hearing Aid Roundup

Wireless Hearing Aid Roundup

Hearing loss is a growing problem around the world, and many people depend on their hearing aids to communicate, work, and enjoy social activities. As modern technology improves, more and more users are demanding features which work with their existing devices. Here are some of our top picks for outstanding wireless hearing aids from our manufacturers, which are meeting that demand.


Unitron Quantum2

The Quantum2 is a new generation of hearing aid for the tech aficionado. It features 360 degree stereo sound, making conversations in loud places effortless. What’s more, you can connect to all of your favorite devices for stereo playback. Listen to your favorite music from your smartphone at the touch of a button, and receive phone calls in clear audio without needing a separate device. All of this is yours with the Quantum2 by Unitron!


Phonak Bolero V

Phonak has designed a series of high-tech aids that deliver high-quality listening in a beautiful package. They resist water and dust and feature a variety of performance levels. Users will benefit from the Bolero V’s ability to connect to the entire range of Phonak Wireless communication accessories.



Longtime innovators in hearing technology, Resound have two wireless devices for consideration, the Linx2 and the Enzo.


The Linx2 provides the user with a seamless hearing experience, allowing them to hear sounds as nature intended. Its Binaural Directionality feature helps the listener identify every word spoken. Surefit Technology makes for a more comfortable fit and increased sound quality, and it is designed to take whatever life has to throw at it.


The Enzo stands alone as the only super-powered hearing aid available which is made exclusively for iPhone. Say goodbye to the potential embarrassment of having to adjust your settings manually. Now you can do it all from your phone.


Leaders in wireless technology, Siemens offers a plethora of products which are able to wirelessly connect. These models include Nitro Micron and Orion. These and other models are able to connect to the award-winning MiniTek accessory, which connects aids seamlessly to all of your devices via Bluetooth. Other wireless products offered include wireless microphones and voice transmitters.



Starkey is an internationally renowned company with several technologically advanced products on the market, including the Muse, Halo, and Z Series.


This is the first device to use Starky’s new Synergy platform and Acuity OS. CROS and BiCROS technology adapts to the user’s imbalance in hearing and adjusts the aid to allow for a more consistent hearing experience.


A winner of the Edison Silver award in 2015, the Halo uses the powerful Trulink app on the iPhone to geo-tag the wearer, gathering important data on the type of sounds the wearer is exposed to. It then uses this data to adjust settings for optimal hearing performance.

Z Series

The Z Series is ideal for those who are looking for a feature-packed hearing product which combines intelligent adjustments between different sound spaces. It also includes Binaural spatial mapping and Voice IQ2 which mimics natural hearing.


HANsation BiLink

Wearers looking for advanced speech detection will love the BiLink by HANsation. It features binaural spatial signal processing and high-resolution sensors to enable smoother and clearer hearing. The Biphone allows for stereo hearing on the phone without any extra accessories required.


Signia Primax

Feature packed, this hearing aid includes CROS/BiCroS technology for a more balanced sound image. It also contains SpeechMaster technology which uses algorithms to remove background noise and hone in on only the important conversations. For music lovers, the product allows them to optimize their listening according to the type of music there are listening to. Finally, the product has a feature which prevents reverberation sounds from getting too loud in lecture halls and places of worship.


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