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Thinking of Buying Online?

Thinking of Buying Hearing Aids Online?

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Price match is for ReSound, Starkey and Widex hearing aids.

  • Widex Dream 110Widex Dream 110$995Any hearing aid can improve your hearing. A special one aims to give you true-to-life sound. The Bluetooth-capable WIDEX DREAM™ does exactly that.
  • Starkey Muse i1000Starkey Muse i1000$995Muse is Starkey’s advanced technology that offers supreme sound quality and premium features. Muse is customized to fit your unique hearing needs and enhance your listening experience. 
  • ReSound Enya 2ReSound Enya 2$995ReSound Enya delivers excellent sound quality and speech understanding in discreet, durable designs. It’s wireless, so that means you can stream your favorite sound directly to your hearing aids with the 2.4 GHz wireless accessories. 

Pricing includes 3 year warranty and local service.

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Recently, hearing aids manufacturers have taken a stand against grey market hearing aids and hearing aids sold from unreputable online sources. See a comment below from GN Resound, one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids. 

GN Hearing A/S’ product warranties are offered only in connection with sales via authorized distribution channels. Sales via direct mail and internet (including eBay and other online channels) are not authorized by GN Hearing, and as a result any product warranties originally associated with such products shall be void. GN Hearing will not provide or reinstate product warranties with respect to devices obtained through unauthorized distribution channels.

Each product warranty is provided for the benefit of the individual originally assigned to the serialized device only. Product warranties are not transferable.

Any device sent to GN Hearing for service or repair that has not been obtained by the user via an authorized distribution channel (as determined by GN Hearing in its sole discretion) will be confiscated or returned to the user unrepaired.

Taken from the GN Resound website https://www.resound.com/en-us/product-warranty

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Meet Your Local Audiologists

Our experienced Audiologists can provide the audiology testing services that you need to get the answers you deserve. Our services include hearing testing, hearing aid fitting, tinnitus management, hearing aid repair and much more. If you’ve been postponing treating your hearing loss, we invite you to come take a look at the amazing hearing aids now available.

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Our Doctors of Audiology

Russ Pickett, Au.D.,

sherry pickett audiologist

Sherry Pickett, Au.D.,

John T. Scarlas


Hearing Aid Testimonials

“I would like for both old and new patients alike to know how well Dr. Russ Pickett has taken care of my hearing care needs. For the past six years, he has helped me to hear as well as I do and has taken excellent care of my hearing aids. You will find in Dr. Pickett a totally honest and caring person!”
Gene S. from Fenton
“I recommended Dr. Pickett to the father of one of my colleagues, who has also been highly pleased with his patient-centered approach to each person’s hearing needs. In my opinion, Dr. Pickett is the BEST audiologist; and as long as I have a choice, he will be assisting me with my hearing needs.”
Larry R. from St. Louis
“What a HUGE difference! I can now hear conversation again, am hearing in church and feel MUCH more secure while communicating at work. I LOVE my new hearing aids so much that I have recommended Dr. Pickett to several of my friends’ parents. He is clearly someone who is honest, trustworthy and cares about his patients.”
Jean H. from Kirkwood

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you employ Hearing Aid Dispensers (Dealers) or Audiologists?

Greentree Hearing and Audiology has three Doctors of Audiology, including Russ and Sherry Pickett.

Do you carry one brand or many different types?

Many of the hearing aid centers in the area will only fit one type of hearing aid. At Greentree, we are proudly independent and will fit you with the best possible hearing system for your needs. We carry hearing aids from the top manufacturers.

Do most patients need one or two hearing aids?

Most patients have a treatable hearing loss in both ears. This requires a binaural fitting (two hearing aids). In some cases, only one hearing device is recommended.

I struggle with hearing in noisy places. Will hearing aids help?

Yes, you will hear better by allowing your brain to receive more speech information. The digital advancements in hearing aids allow for selective reduction of frequencies where competing signals exists without negatively affecting the speech frequencies. Advanced hearing aids can also automatically adjust the scope of what we hear, removing competitive sounds that challenge our understanding.


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