Greentree Audiology - Starkey’s Halo 2 is a Finalist in 2017 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award & Edison Award

Starkey’s Halo 2 is a Finalist in 2017 SXSW Interactive Innovation Award & Edison Award

Starkey’s Halo 2 Receives Accolades For Its Innovation

Starkey haloWe’re just a few months into 2017 and already Starkey’s Halo 2 has been recognized on two occasions for its innovation. In a day and age when wireless connectivity and accessibility is key, Halo 2 is a hearing aid that offers both – and more! It’s no wonder that Halo 2 has been named a finalist for two prizes: 2017’s SXSW Interactive Innovation Award and the Edison Award.

The original Halo by Starkey was awarded the 2015 Silver Edison Award. Launched in 2016, Halo 2 has already earned many accolades: Best Design Award and one of the “7 Most Brilliant Product Designs of 2016” by Inc. Magazine; a 2016 American Business Awards Technical Innovation of the Year; a Gold Product Design Award winner at the 2016 Spark Awards; and now, the finalist for both the 2017 SXSW Interactive Innovation and the Edison Awards.

SXSW is an annual multidisciplinary conference and festival based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 1987, SXSW honors and celebrates creativity, innovation, and the unexpected across many different genres, from technology to film to music. With screenings, exhibitions, and showcases, SXSW brings together the exciting new work from many industries. Results will be revealed this year on March 14, 2017.

The Edison Award, named for inventor Thomas Edison, is awarded by Edison Universe, a charitable organization that honors future innovators and life-changing inventions. The original Halo Made for iPhone hearing aid from Starkey was a winner of the Silver award in 2015.

We wish Halo 2 luck for both awards this year!

Halo 2 Made for iPhone Features

If you haven’t checked out the Halo 2 yet, and you’ve been looking for an exciting new upgrade, you’re in for a treat. Starkey is an outstanding American manufacturer of hearing aids, established in Eden Prairie, MN in 1967. Heeding the call for a flexible, smart device to match the innovations in smartphone and personal electronic technology of the last few years, Starkey introduce the Halo Made for iPhone hearing aid.

Halo 2, the latest iteration of this technology, is an advanced hearing aid that opens wearers up to a world of accessibility. Through a connection with your iPhone (and now, Android!), Halo 2 allows you to stream your phone calls, FaceTime, music, movies, and other media directly from your phones to your hearing aids – cutting out the middle man of a hearing accessory. This unfettered listening experience is preferable for folks with active lifestyles, helping them stay connected to the world, their passions, and their loved ones.

By activating your iPhone’s GPS geo-tagging feature, Halo 2 saves your listening preferences in your favorite locations and automatically adjusts them when you return to these places. This provides a truly seamless and natural listening experience. You may make adjustments to your listening experience directly on your iPhone, through the TruLink app. Switch between program features and turn up the volume with ease and discretion on your iPhone. On the TruLink App (free for download), you may also further personalize your listening experience with the SoundSpace tool.

Listening Features with Halo 2

Aside from its trademark smartphone compatibility, Halo 2 offers the best of Starkey’s listening features. With improved sound processing, directional microphones, and a discreet design, Halo 2 offers excellent speech recognition and durability in an aesthetically-pleasing package. Coated with HydraShield, Halo 2 is a favorite for people who are on the go, protecting your aids from moisture, dust, and debris.

Halo 2’s incredibly fast processing platform and directional microphones help eliminate background noise, while providing a clearer sound signal than previous designs. This provides wearers with an effortless listening experience and flexibility with different frequencies, balancing high and low sounds alike. This is especially helpful in conversation, both in quiet and in noisy places.

Halo 2 also offers features such as feedback cancellation, which anticipate and eliminates whistling and buzzing. For those who need an extra boost in noisy situations, connection to the iPhone turns the microphone into an “assistive listening device,” which picks up speakers’ voices and streams amplified speech sounds directly to the Halo 2 aids in your ears. For those who experience tinnitus, Halo 2 is equipped with Starkey’s Multiflex Tinnitus Technology.
The Halo 2 is available as a receiver-in-canal or behind-the-ear hearing aid, and treats mild to severe degrees of hearing loss.

Starkey Hearing Technologies

Starkey is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids in the United States, with a global reach. Since 1967, Starkey has produced many innovative products, including the new Muse Made for Life hearing aid and the Z Series. Starkey’s Hearing Foundation donates hearing aids to people with hearing loss in developing countries as diverse as Mozambique and Vietnam.


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