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How Hearing Aids Improve Safety

Safety and Your Hearing Aids

Hearing aids give you natural hearing and allow you to interact with the world in a whole new way. But they do far more than that. Not only do hearing aids give you back your hearing, improve social interactions, and make conversations easier, they play an important role in your everyday safety. Hearing all the sounds around you will improve your personal safety and security, and give you confidence.

A worldwide study conducted in 2015 by EuroTrak studied the benefits of hearing aid use. Apart from the ability to hear better, researchers found that quality of life improved drastically for those with hearing aids, and over half the participants reported feeling safer when wearing their hearing aids. What’s so special about hearing aids that they can improve your safety?

Improving Balance

Hearing aids can actually improve your balance! Sound is very important to posture and stability, since the cells responsible to keep you upright and steady are located in your inner ear. Wearing hearing aids means that you improve your balance and stability as well as improving your hearing.

As you know, balance isn’t just about walking confidently. It’s also about being safe. Losing your balance and falling is a big safety risk, especially for older Americans. Falls can immobilize you, cause irreversible damage to joints, and restrict movement and freedom. Studies show that those with untreated hearing loss are three times more likely to fall than those with hearing aids.

Safety Indoors

Have you ever thought about how quiet some sounds in your home are? Beeping from the oven, a knock at the door, or even the sound of trespassers can be quite quiet, maybe even unnoticed because they have grown commonplace. For example, if you’re watching TV with the volume on full because you strain to hear, you won’t hear any of the other important sounds around you. Untreated hearing loss means you may not hear the timer and burn the cookies. It means you may not hear the fire and smoke alarm, or it will take you much longer to hear it. These few seconds could increase the danger in a situation. In an emergency, hearing aids can save your life by allowing you to make phone calls and clearly hear the person at the other end. Feeling safe at home is all about peace of mind. With hearing aids, you can distinguish between normal sounds and sounds like a burglar or an alarm.

Safety Out of Doors

Being safe in traffic is all about being alert. Hearing warning sounds like horns or sirens means you’ll be able to react appropriately. Another huge part of hearing is directional perception, or spatial cues. Hearing aids will help you hear the car coming up behind you, or hear the truck rumbling around the next corner, and know where the sound is coming from. Not only do you hear the sound sooner, but you can locate where the sound is coming from and react quickly and safely.

When walking or biking, being able to hear a car that comes up unexpectedly can save your life and prevent accidents. If you are walking in the park without your hearing aids, you can’t hear the bike bell behind you, or hear the shout from the child whose ball is whizzing towards you.

Your hearing aids can even keep others safe! Think about it. If you have untreated hearing loss, you can’t hear the cries of the jogger who fell down the hill and injured himself. With hearing aids, you’ll be able to help.

Those with untreated hearing loss have a much higher risk of accidents and hospitalization than those with hearing aids. Hearing aids can give you back your independence and keep you safe. Call us today!

Could Hearing Aids Keep You Safer?

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