This Father’s Day, Give your Dad the Gift of Hearing

This Father’s Day, Give your Dad the Gift of Hearing

Whether he taught us our first chord on the guitar, how to ride a bike, or the importance of investing in our 401Ks, chances are our fathers played a valuable role in shaping who we are today. Each June, we wrack our brains trying to find a unique, thoughtful and useful gift worthy of the wonderful fathers, step-fathers and grandfathers who’ve shaped our lives. As we get older and hold more responsibilities such as our careers and our own families, the amount of time we spend with our dads may dwindle. It becomes increasingly more important to embrace those beautiful moments we do get to spend with our fathers and grandfathers.

This Father’s Day, why not give the gift of enhancing your moments together, increasing your father’s enjoyment in social activities and even helping to improve his romantic relationship?

With the gift of a simple hearing test, you could give your father all of this for father’s day.

If Dad Hasn’t Addressed His Hearing Loss: Involve Him in the Conversation

If your dad has untreated hearing loss, he may seem quieter or more withdrawn socially than he once was. Follow these steps to help him stay involved and have an enjoyable and memorable Father’s Day.

  1. Positioning is Everything – When talking to your dad with hearing loss, face-to-face conversation is best. Use lighting to your advantage and don’t cover your mouth. Your dad will be much better able to understand you if he can see your lips move as you speak. Also, when possible, position yourself close to your dad’s “good ear” and make sure to gain his attention before you begin speaking to ensure he is ready to listen.
  2. Communicate in a Conducive Environment – The quieter the environment the better for someone with untreated hearing loss. If possible, gather at home rather than a noisy restaurant. Sit next to your dad and be patient with him. Remember to repeat any parts of the conversation he pay have missed and slow other speakers when necessary. This is your dad’s special day – make sure he feels included and listened to.
  3. Be Honest About His Hearing Loss – People are much more likely to take a hearing test if they believe their hearing loss is affecting others. Find time for a quiet one-on-one conversation to talk to your dad about his hearing loss. Let him know how much you miss seeing him at family birthday parties or other activities he may have been withdrawing from. You can also talk to him about the benefits of treating hearing loss, and show him the plethora of studies that outline the increased quality of life that come from treatment.

If Dad Has Addressed His Hearing Loss: What About an Upgrade?

Depending on how long ago your dad started his journey to enhanced hearing, his hearing aids may need an update this Father’s Day. Hearing aid technology has improved dramatically over the past few years with advances such as Bluetooth capabilities, directional microphones, wind resistant technologies, and tinnitus therapies. Depending on your dad’s unique hearing needs and lifestyle – hearing aids with one of these advances may be the perfect gift.

Dads are not notorious for coming out and sharing their needs. To better understand if upgraded hearing aids are needed, talk to your dad about his experiences with his current aids. Are there any aspects of his aids that bother him? Is he having trouble hearing over the phone or holding conversations with multiple people? Is he worried with constantly changing the batteries in his aids or the way they look? If so, it may be a good time to schedule an appointment for your dad to visit his local hearing aid specialist to see what technologies may be available to help improve his quality of life.

How Greentree Audiology Can Help

At Greentree Audiology, we care about fathers and grandfathers everywhere. We wish all the wonderful fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers and father figures a happy and healthy Father’s Day this year. We also care about fathers’ quality of life, relationships and mental health. Reach out to our friendly team to see if how treating hearing loss with hearing aids may improve your own or your father’s hearing health today.