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Best Hearing Aids for Severe Hearing Loss

Which Hearing aids Are Best for Severe Hearing Loss?

What is Severe Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss exists on a spectrum, with many intricate levels and subjective experiences between hearing and not hearing.

The majority of hearing aid wearers experience mild to moderate hearing loss (70%). However, 30% of people who wear hearing aids experience severe to profound hearing loss.

Hearing specialists refer to a classification system of normal to profound hearing loss, in which the hearing loss range is represented in decibels. In other words, these thresholds are the softest sounds people with hearing loss are able to hear.

Severe hearing loss ranges between 71 to 90 decibels, according to the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA). This means that people with severe hearing loss have difficulty hearing sounds that are quieter than 71 decibels.

According to Hear It, “People who suffer from severe hearing loss will benefit from powerful hearing aids, but often rely heavily on lip-reading even when they are using hearing aids. Some also use sign language.” People with severe hearing loss have difficulty hearing loud speech, but it is possible for them to hear if the sound is amplified, as with a hearing aid.

At Greentree Audiology, we offer hearing aids to treat severe hearing loss. Below is a guide to hearing aids designed to treat severe hearing loss.



In 2015, Siemens introduced a new in-the-ear hearing aid to treat severe hearing loss: the Insio. Designed with discretion in mind, the Insio sits directly in the auditory canal and is nearly invisible. With wireless connectivity, Insio hearing aids in the right and left ears share audio information, giving wearers a fuller spectrum of sound in their environment. Insio is imbued with strong speech recognition features, protection against background and wind noise, and easy control with accessibility through smartphone apps touchControl and easyTek.

Signia, a new brand from Sivantos, offers the Insio primax, equipped with the above technology.



Oticon’s hearing aids treat a range of hearing loss from mild to profound. The Dynamo has been specifically developed to treat severe to profound hearing loss. Dynamo is equipped to catch high frequency sounds in speech recognition, which gives your brain more access to speech details. With Inium Sense carefully tailored to meet severe to profound hearing needs, wearers of Dynamo will avoid annoying feedback sounds. SpeechGuard E and Speech Rescue preserve the nuances of speech, while YouMatic allows wearers to tailor the Dynamo to their specific needs. Dynamo is fully customizable, available in seven colors, and connects wirelessly to your smartphone.



For people with severe hearing loss, Phonak offers the Naida V hearing aid, which they recommend paired with the Roger Microphones to amplify sounds further. Naida V captures higher frequency sounds often found in speech, using a feature called SoundRecover 2. With 62% more speech understanding in noise over distance, improved gain in volume, and couple with Roger Microphone, wearers of the Naida will have a more complete picture of sound. The water resistant Naida V is also smaller than most devices, with many different color options, for maximum discretion.



The ENZO2 is ReSound’s newest hearing aid for people with severe hearing loss. This small, powerful hearing aid is equipped with Smart Hearing, giving wearers access to a full spectrum of sound. Spatial Sense allows wearers to focus on the sounds they want to hear within their environment. ENZO2 provides wearers with balanced and rich sound, as well as accessibility through connectivity to smartphones. ENZO2 is available in two power levels for a better fit: High Power and Super Power. Covered in iSolate nanotech, ENZO2 is protected from moisture, earwax, and dust.

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