Best Hearing Aids for Frequent Flyers

Best Hearing Aids for Frequent Flyers


Whether you’re a business professional who travels often for work, or a leisure adventurer eager to see the world – don’t let your hearing loss or hearing aids get in the way. Although it may seem tricky, traveling with hearing loss is really quite simple – especially with a little preparation and the right hearing aids. In this article, we introduce a list of some of the best hearing aids on the market for regular travelers and some important and quick tips to remember when for those who regularly “take to the skies”.


Best Hearing Aids for Jetsetters or Frequent Flyers


For wireless connectivity – Especially important for business travelers, is seamless, fast, wireless connectivity when on-the-move. Travelers need hearing aids that do a great job of helping jetsetters do to the things they need to do, like conference calls in busy airport lounges.

Starkey Halo 2 – Touted as the “made for iPhone” hearing aid, the Halo 2 made it to our list for wireless connectivity. Using the TruLink app direct from your phone, the Halo allows you to stream phone calls or listen to voicemails directly through your hearing aids. The Halo also boasts an incredible GPS feature, which improves natural listening by geo-tagging your preferences. For more info on the Halo 2, click here.


 For complicated listening environments – Frequent flyers spend a lot of time on “planes, trains and automobiles”, and need hearing aids that effortlessly transition between complicated and foreign listening environments.

ReSound LiNX2 – It was difficult to decide whether to put the LiNX2 under “complicated listening environments” or “wireless connectivity” because it is so great at both tasks. The LiNX2 uses powerful and exciting new technology to tap into the brain’s natural ability to process sounds – allowing you to listen to all the sounds you want to hear and ignore the rest (even in the most difficult environments). Click here to learn more about the LiNX2.


For lowest maintenance – The last thing on a jetsetter’s mind is the care and maintenance of their hearing aid. Read about this new and exciting, low-maintenance hearing aid that might be the perfect fit.

Phonak Lyric – Remembering to pack extra batteries, cleaning utensils, or accessories are a thing of the past with the Lyric. Perfect for avid travelers, the Lyric can be worn for up to 4 months without being removed. No cleaning, no replacing batteries, no drying overnight. Click to learn more about Lyric.


Tips for Air Travel With Hearing Aids & Hearing Loss

  1. Wear Your Hearing Aids – The safest way to travel with your hearing aids is to wear them. TSA allows passengers to wear their hearing devices through the entire screening process. When on the flight, users are encouraged to keep their hearing aids turned on – even during takeoff and landing.
  1. Notify Security & Airline Personnel – When going through security, it is good practice to notify the TSA officer about your hearing devices. Informing a flight attendant that you have hearing loss is also very important. This way, they’ll be able to alert you on anything significant.
  1. Pack in a Carry-On – If you decide to check a bag, be sure to pack all of your hearing aid accessories (including extra batteries) in your carry-on luggage, as they are less likely to be lost or damaged in security screening.


Still Unsure?


If you’re still unsure about safely traveling with your hearing aids, or which hearing aid is the most suitable to your specific needs, contact our friendly team at Greentree Hearing & Audiology. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and help you find the perfect hearing devices to match your hearing profile, hearing goals and travel style – allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.


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