4 Reasons to Choose an Audiologistfor Your Hearing Health

4 Reasons to Choose an Audiologist for Your Hearing Health

So You’ve Noticed Changes in Your Hearing…

Perhaps sounds are a bit fuzzier these days, and you are having a difficult time discerning what people are saying to you. Because hearing is an invisible sense, we do not generally pay attention to our hearing until it begins to change. On average, it takes Americans seven years from the time they notice changes in their hearing until the time they decide to seek diagnosis and treatment for their hearing loss.

Though we’ve entered a stage in culture of self-diagnosis, with the convenience and bounty of information on the Internet, the best course of treatment for hearing loss still lies in meeting with a licensed audiologist, who is qualified to evaluate and diagnose your hearing abilities. When you’re choosing between hearing aid dispensaries, big box stores, hearing aid dealers, and an audiologist, consider these four reasons to see an audiologist at Greentree Audiology.


Accurate Diagnosis

The audiologists at Greentree Audiology are licensed health professionals with a Doctorate degree in Audiology. Audiologists, unlike employees at hearing aid dealers, dispensaries, and big box stores, undergo training to diagnose, test, evaluate, and rehabilitate hearing.

As such, when you’ve begun to notice changes in your hearing, the first step is to take a hearing test. Audiologists are the highest-trained individual to administer a hearing test and evaluate the results from the audiogram, which records your hearing abilities by ear.

From these results, as well as an examination of your ears and an analysis of your current physical condition and medical history, an audiologist gives an accurate diagnosis of your hearing abilities and therefore, the best course of action for treating your hearing loss.



Hearing loss, as with all medical conditions, tend to go hand in hand with related physical or medical issues, known as comorbidities. Comorbidities of hearing loss include increased risk of dementia, depression, anxiety, and links to cardiovascular disorders.

Though audiologists do not perform surgery or prescribe medication, they are able to identify and recommend solutions to treat health issues related to hearing loss. If you believe you are experiencing hearing loss, audiologists will provide you with their intricate knowledge of the auditory system and what they may identify as related medical issues.


Better Fit

Bottom line: hearing aids are expensive technology. Insurance plans rarely cover hearing aids, and Medicare does not cover hearing-related costs at all. For all of the benefits hearing aids bring, the cost is worth it if hearing aids fit properly and functions successfully for the person wearing them. Audiologists are trained to fit and customize hearing aids to meet their patients’ needs. If you are going to spend thousands of dollars on hearing aids – a great investment in terms of your health and well-being – seeking the care and expertise of an audiologist is the best option for customized hearing treatment.


Personalized Care

These days, hearing aids are highly advanced, electronic devices which are digital and wireless, contributing to their cost. A 2009 article from The New York Times notes that “the technical leap is not the only reason for high prices. Traditionally, hearing aids have been sold through professionals who also fit and adjust the devices as part of the overall cost. The system, however, leaves room for plenty of inept or even greedy providers to take the reins.”

Seeking treatment for your hearing health from an audiologist ensures intentional, focused, dedicated personal care. The hearing care you receive from an audiologist places your hearing needs at the center of the experience.


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