4 Great Hearing Aid Accessories for Better Hearing

4 Great Hearing Aid Accessories for Better Hearing


It’s no question that hearing aids can transform the life of a person with hearing loss. From speech recognition to your relationships, hearing aids have a positive impact on nearly every aspect of life with hearing loss. But the options for better hearing don’t end with just a hearing aid. Some accessories can further improve the ways a hearing aid can complement our personal hearing needs and lifestyles.

Whether you’re a tech savvy iPhone user, an active and outdoor enthusiast or a lover of music and television, there’s a hearing aid accessory that’s perfect for you. Whether you’re considering a hearing test or are in the process of choosing the perfect hearing aid, consider these clever add-ons for even better hearing.


Bluetooth Wireless Transmitters

Technology means we are even more connected to our devices than ever before. Thankfully, hearing aids are just as advanced as our cell phones or televisions – and many are designed to connect directly with the devices we use everyday.

One way we stay connected with our devices is with Bluetooth. These wireless Bluetooth accessories are separate from your hearing aid, and allow you to connect your Bluetooth devices (like cell phones, televisions, tablets and even some radios) directly with your hearing aid.

So instead of listening to your favorite TV show through your TV speakers and your aid, you can use these accessories to stream the sound from your TV, cell phone or tablet directly to your aid! That means better sound, clearer speech on a phone call and an easier time watching movies and shows.



Rechargeable Batteries

No one likes finding themselves with a dead cell phone at an inconvenient time – and the same thing goes for hearing aids. While some hearing aids require regular replacement of their batteries, some hearing aids can re-charge their batteries just like you recharge your cell phone at the end of the day.

Depending on the aid, some rechargeable hearing aids can last up to 12 hours on a single charge. Complete with an easy-to-use charging dock, rechargeable hearing aids can be charged alongside your other devices on your bedside table each night. No more unexpected battery outages for your aids!



Wireless Microphones

One of the most important things that hearing aids can improve is our ability to understand speech. It’s this ability that improves our relationships, and allows us to connect more with the people around us. Hearing aids vastly improve this ability – but certain hearing accessories can make conversations even easier.

This is where a wireless microphone comes in. These microphones connect to a hearing aid and stream input sound directly to the aid. So if you are in a noisy environment where background noise can be intrusive, wireless microphones give you more control over what you hear and when.

These are great for those that require a little more help to understand speech, and are great for conversations in crowded environments like restaurants or conferences.


Hearing Aid Remote Controls

Not matter how intuitive our hearing aids are, we all need a bit of extra control over our aid. Whether that’s over the volume of your aid, the direction of your microphone or even sound environment settings, having control at our fingertips can make our hearing experience even more enjoyable.

Remote controls are great for those who want even easier control over their aids. While most hearing aids have some settings you can change directly on the aid, remote controls put the control right in front of you. Plus, some hearing aids even have smartphone apps that connect to your hearing aid, where you can control settings from your phone!



Of course, it’s always best to make decisions about your hearing needs with the help of a hearing professional. Contact our audiologists to talk about your specific hearing needs and how to meet them.


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